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>> Consulting with VANiK Technology Solutions starts at $150.00 USD per hour, billed in 30 minute increments, with a 1 hour minimum purchase required for new customers.

>> Rates vary by complexity of the project. 

>> Estimates can be given up front, if a clearly defined scope of work is provided.

>> A 1 hour appointment may be required to discuss larger/more complex projects.  

>> Any work performed outside of normal business hours or on holidays will be billed at a higher rate.

>> If your consulting project involves some of the following products, the hourly rate will increase due to the advanced nature of the work involved.

The list includes but is not limited to:

  • XCP-ng
  • HAProxy
  • TrueNAS

>> Hours can be pre-purchased upon request or when required by a project.

>> An account is required to pre-purchase hours. To setup your account we will request billing information, then an invoice will be generated and sent for the estimated hours we discussed and that time will be credited to your account upon receipt of payment.

>> When you purchase a block of hours, those hours are credited to your account for use during our regularly scheduled times.

>> Unused hours expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

>> Due to the nature of the work that we perform, there is no warranty on hourly work.

>> Each hour that we work is billable regardless of the outcome of said work.

>> While we will make recommendations on the level of effort required to implement a solution or to fix an issue, it is up to you to let us know if there is a cap on the number of hours we spend per engagement.

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